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A.A. Damai 1), M.Boer, A.Damar 2), Marimin 3), dan E. Rustiadi 4)

  1. Program Studi SPL, Sekolah Pascasarjana, IPB, Bogor
  2. Departemen Manajemen Sumberdaya Perairan, Fakultas Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan, IPB, Bogor
  3. Departemen Teknologi Industri, Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian, IPB, Bogor
  4. Departemen Ilmu Tanah dan Sumberdaya Lahan, Fakultas Pertanian, IPB, Bogor.

Diterima 11 Juni 2011; disetujui 5 September 2011


Coastal zone is complex and dynamic in nature, and also vulnerable against stress. On the other side, it has various resources and environment services, and hence tend to be over exploited. For that reason, conflict of space utilization whether inter or intern sector, and various background of interest, became an ordinary problem. Comprehensive understanding of space need for various of interest, therefore, should become an important effort as a basic information for sustainable management of coastal zone. The reasearch was intended to depict comprehensively the space need both of terrestrial and waters in coastal zone of Lampung Bay, through system dynamics approach. The result showed that: (1) projection of space need could be prepared comprehensively, through system dynamics approach; (2) main components of system (i.e. population, economic activities, and space availability) in coastal zone of Lampung Bay, are interrelated and interdependent, and in order to achieve sustainable relation among them, consequently it has to be attained and maintained a proportion of protected area as 54.482 ha (42,09%) of land and 4.822 ha (3,02%) of waters; (3) accomplishment of space need in coastal zone of Lampung Bay require conversion of a part of production area to become protected area, the scenario could accommodate space need for various interest toward the sustainable regional development.

Keywords: space need, coastal zone, dynamics system, Lampung Bay.

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